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All About John's Jewelers

John's Jewelers opened its doors in 1961 and continues to provide its customers with its many services today. The family-owned business thrives on providing its customers with a homey feeling, as well as the confidence of knowing that each and every piece of jewelry is taken in with full intent of returning it with complete customer satisfaction.

Our Dream

We believe in giving the best customer service possible, as well as providing you as a customer with the satisfaction of walking out our door with a precious piece of jewelry that will bring you or a loved one joy each and every time you see it.

Our Jewelry store is unique in that when each customer leaves, we aim to make them feel like family. Our goal is to make the jewelry decision process as simple as possible, whether that be you are coming in to repair a broken ring or find the special ring for that special occasion. We are here to help and want to ensure each customer leaves feeling like family!